Creating opportunity, Expanding markets, Increasing efficiency
Our Vision

Orca Consultation, an Innovative Insights company, is dedicated to your success and growth through innovation. The combination of business management, sales and marketing experience, market expanding technology assets, and strategic business input makes Innovative Insights LLC a valuable resource for your company. We also provide consultation services to venture capital and private equity firms with interests in the medical device, eye care, and mobile and consumer health sectors. 

In today’s hyper competitive business atmosphere, successful companies have evolved and become more efficient, but often have strategic management, or executive level staff focused exclusively on mission critical components. Although this limitation may not inhibit short-term success, it could threaten long-term profitability and competitive advantages. Looking outside your organization for critical input and project management helps fill the gap in a businesses talent pool.
Orca is dedicated to providing strategic solutions engineered to increase the scope of your business and competitiveness through differentiation and meaningful customer-focused solutions. We will help you set this strategic direction by collecting and analyzing customer and market input. We will also offer design services and manage integrated marketing and technology solutions to enable you to effectively reach your customers.

Growing your business is our passion. Orca offers fresh perspective business solutions that will improve your market share, increase your profitability and expand business opportunities.

Extend your competitive advantage through innovation, strategic insight, and technology management.