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Mark W. Bertolin


I started my professional career in pharmaceutical sales after earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Washington State University. I advanced as a Sales Representative for CooperVision, a contact lens manufacturer. My 27 years with CooperVision permitted me to work in various departments, markets and levels including executive management.

My early experiences in outside sales provided me with a lifetime focus on the customer and respect for the complexities of managing an organization. As I grew within CooperVision, my roles and responsibilities expanded, but I never veered from my customer-centric focus. My passion quickly evolved to include talking with customers to understand their needs, and design products, programs and technologies to accommodate and enhance their current and future opportunities.

Positions held in my career at CooperVision include Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, and Vice President of Development and Technology. The key objective of the Market Development and Technology group was to explore, design and implement new business ventures and partnerships by deploying innovative solutions to address complex and unique market challenges.  As the Vice President of this group, I focused on simplifying e-commerce and transactional processes, and in turn growing market share, through customer-focused technologies.

The dynamic landscape of the eye care industry challenged and greatly influenced my business perspectives. I managed mergers and acquisitions, clinical investigation design, marketing, sales, technology development and management. It is these experiences and extensive panel of professional resources that will make working with ORCA beneficial to your business. In order for a company to improve competitiveness and increase profitability, a fresh perspective on projects, programs and products from outside the organization is crucial, which ORCA is committed to provide. I am often asked about the Orca name, aside from being an apex predator, Orca stands for Optometric Research Consultation and Applications.
I am a native of the Northwest, and am married with two grown children. We enjoy snow and water skiing, sailing, biking and traveling.