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Based on proven sphero-cylinder over refraction formulas ToriCalc quickly calculates cross cylinder contact lens prescriptions. It is available immediately in the iTunes Application store.

ToriCalc has been engineered to increase speed and accuracy.

Prescription information may be entered from baseline spectacle refraction or from lens on eye information.

In addition to calculating resultant lens powers ToriCalc includes a spectacle lens conversion system as well as a subjective graphical interface to modify axis alignment.

ToriCalc, as a private label option, provides a cost effective business solution and can be branded to meet customer demand and optimized to include client specific features. In the fast paced world of mobile applications it makes sense from a financial and manpower perspective to leverage an already successful platform. A monthly license model is unique in the industry and opens up mobile computing solutions to a variety of business or groups that desire to increase customer reach and tie mobility to current digital infrastructure

“When we went through the various offerings inside eyecare for a highly useful tool practitioners can use every day, a cross cylinder calculator stood out as the first tier in a customizable suite of mobile application software” stated Mark Bertolin, President Innovative Insights LLC. ToriCalc is available initially as an IOS application with Android following later in 2013.Branded to your specifications

Nearly endless possibilities for custom content

•Clinical Reviews

•Product Guides

•Contact List

•Company profile

•Link to order entry and customer service

•Special offers

•Calendar of events

•Ask the experts

•Web site embedded links in mobile format

Designed for eye care specialists, manufacturers, educators and distributors.

Available in a privately branded format or as individual download for immediate use